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There was also 4 different POVs which was very jarring at first, but it got better further on. Nicole was my favourite character, and the most well written character. She was smart and really stepped up when she need too. One thing about this novel which irked me was how sexual abuse was sort of brushed over, by both the story and plot itself and some of the characters. Overall, an okay novel, with some decent characters which would have benefited from some more depth and to be a bit more fleshed out.

I was given an electronic copy by St. Martin's Press and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. I would be remiss if I did not mention that the title is misleading, as the expectation that this is an end of the world survival novel is not met. Instructions for the End of the World is the story about a family, dysfunctional at best, who ends up moving to a family home in the middle of the woods. After a stint in the military ends abruptly, Nicole's father becomes convinced that the apocalyps I was given an electronic copy by St. After a stint in the military ends abruptly, Nicole's father becomes convinced that the apocalypse is near and preps his family for that eventuality.

Shortly after they arrive at her great-great grandparents home, two events tip Nicole's world on its axis and threaten both her survival and that of her sister. Instructions for the End of the World is told in alternating viewpoints, which disturbs the continuity of the book. The author improperly identifies the speaker on a couple of occasions, which leads to some confusion.

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The motivation of Nicole's mother to leave does not seem plausible, as she basically raised her kids and would have probably explored other options. My favorite character in the book is Wolf, the teenage boy that lives next door to Nicole and her family. Although the author did not explore his character enough, he is the one person that I would like to know more about. Aug 18, Miranda rated it liked it Shelves: ya-drama , read-to-review , reviewed-books.

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I received a copy via net galley. This was an odd story for me, it had similar vibe to a book I'd read before I think it's called The Way we live now? I could be mistaken on that title but mostly just for the whole kids surviving without parentals. The PoV changes to me seemed unneeded, I received a copy via net galley. The PoV changes to me seemed unneeded, for instances they lacked structure.

No patterning, you would basically read one character for however long the author deemed necessary. And one of them I felt was totally irrelevant! Characters seemed stagnant with random "growths"? Most of the time both sisters seemed to just want to go off and break rules their father had strictly enforced. So I suppose they in a sense were growing up and making mistakes to learn from.

Were they truly surviving on their own, not really mostly they just lived off a stash, after that one hunt in the beginning the oldest doesn't even mention hunting so instead it's a repeat of rice and beans and oatmeal. So much for all daddy taught her. I felt really let down with the storyline, I'd gone in excited and exited feeling robbed, but I don't regret reading it just because some small elements here and there were good. But as a whole, no I can't say I'd recommend, nor will I plan a reread. Dec 19, Trisha rated it really liked it.

Another surprisingly wonderful story. Another marginal cover I'm not sure I'd pick the book up for. But an unusual story that fleshes out the most wonderful questions - how strong are you? What are you capable of? Nichole's mom leaves. Here dad leaves too. It's just her and Izzy her sister in a house miles from civilization with a broken down house, a few hundred dollars in groceries and the explicit advice to just survive and not get to know the only neighbors for miles.

Nichole doesn't know Another surprisingly wonderful story. Nichole doesn't know what she's capable of. Trained by her dad since she was old enough to write, she strives to be a good prepper - killing her own meat for meals, building a garden, attempting to prepare the house. What is Izzy capable of? She's done her hardest NOT to be a prepper and fights any notion Nichole has of her helping. How will these two survive, alone? How strong are they? It's a great read and I liked the struggles that were thrown at them.

I found them realistic even if the whole premise was unusual. I loved the twists and had huge respect for Nichole. And Wolf. Jan 19, Julianne rated it it was ok Shelves: books-read-in Review originally posted at Among the Authors. Now, imagine you jumped right in, only to discover that pool had been drained. Welcome to how I felt about Instructions for the End of the World. Things I Liked: The premise. I liked the idea of a girl being raised by a survivalist and having to put those skills to the test.

Prob Review originally posted at Among the Authors. But does that happen in this book anywhere? Sadly, no. Sure, she carries a gun can she shoot it? The book switches point of view between the characters, and his sections were the most tolerable. I would have been happier with less about Nicole, and more about Wolf, his life in the commune, and his strained relationship with his mother. I wanted to SO, SO bad. I pushed my way through, waiting for it to fulfill the hopes that I had had for such a promising plot.

Unhappy Wife, a Cambodian immigrant who just wants a normal life, gets pissed about living less than upper middle class on top of a few other reasons , and flees the cabin to find a better life. Survivalist Dad goes to look for her, leaving his two children some supplies and the expectation that he will be back within a few days, at the most a week. Well, guess what? Who does that? Oh, sure, he expects Nicole to have the skills to keep her sister and herself alive, but as I mentioned before, nothing about this book made me think that Nicole could truly take care of herself.

Did the author research survival skills at all? Oh, and an important thing happened? You might hear about it vaguely. Wait…the night before?

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Oh…well…a few pages later Wolf explains that the commune kids brought her back home. And probably the thing that ticked me off the most…Warning! Spoiler alert! He gets arrested for going against the order to evacuate …does no one with the police notice that two minors are now unattended? Okay, guess we will just ignore that cause I guess no one at the emergency shelter noticed that the two girls were on their own either… BUT THEN…Nicole finally confronts her father about the real reasons her mother left. What does Dad do?

Where does it go from here? That makes it worth it, right? He left two children to survive on their own for over a month and then slaps the crap out of his daughter that dares to challenge him…does none of this sound like abuse to anyone? This quite literally made me sick. For a moment, I felt like I might be taking it a bit too hard on the book. Maybe I should be a bit nicer and give it a three. Poorly executed and overall very disappointing.

Sep 28, Amanda R rated it it was ok Shelves: troubled-teens , This book was dreadfully boring. Nov 02, Jade Klinger rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Everyone. Since she was old enough to walk her dad immediately gave her a gun and taught her how to survive. He's always been the strong protective type. Basically raised in the military Nichole Reed's dad has a different frame of mind than most people.

Maybe slightly paranoid.. Being a survivalist Nichole's dad takes the entire family to the Sierra Foothills, where there are no modern conveniences of any sort. Not liking where this is going, Nichole goes long with it helping her dad hunt for Since she was old enough to walk her dad immediately gave her a gun and taught her how to survive. Not liking where this is going, Nichole goes long with it helping her dad hunt for food,repair the year old house,and unpack. Whereas Nichole's mom and sister despise their living situation and they think that their dad is going overboard with everything.

Nichole's life is falling apart and right when she thought things were cooling down, they start to escalate quicker than she thought. When her mom leaves the family, Nichole's dad goes in search for her mom. Leaving both Nichole and her little sister Isabel to fend for themselves, with no cell service,little money,no car. All they have is each other, food, minimal appliances, and the retreat center down the road from where they live.

All until Wolf comes along, a handsome boy from the "hippie retreat center" offers to help Nichole. Feeling conflicted Nichole knows she can take care of herself, but theres something that she can't shake when it comes to Wolf. As days and weeks pass, Nichole and Izzy get to know the kids from the retreat center.

As for Wolf and Nichole, they start to become closer to one another. But everything stops her in her tracks when she realizes that her dad can come back any day,and would never ever approve of her dating or being with any boy. Having all of these questions pulsing through her brain about "why her mom left"? Why was it so sudden? She soon learns very shocking things from a letter her mom sent and Izzy's confession.

Knowing she has to make a decision. Her family is falling apart, but her life with Wolf seems to be thriving. Will she choose to continue preparing for tomorrow's natural disaster? Just like her dad taught her? Or will she take the chance and start living for today? The entire story of Instructions for the End of the World was quite unique. I went into this novel not expecting much at all! It was thought out well, and the characters were well diverse too! I love how strong the main female character was. And how you could see her develop throughout the story. Wolf's perspective in the novel felt pure.

I instantly loved his character and how he appreciated everything and took nothing for granted, even though he wasn't raised in the healthiest of situations. When he meets Nichole for the first time, you really feel like he's truly falling in love with someone for the first time because of how descriptive the author is. His loving character was heartwarming to read about. It was mostly Nichole and Wolf who alternated perspectives, Isabel Nichole's sister and Laurel Wolf's best friend were kind of background characters and fillers.

It was interesting reading about their side of the story and thoughts. But to be honest all I cared about the most was Nichole's and Wolf's perspectives. And it seemed like Isabel and Laurel's perspectives were not necessary. The way the story was, it actually felt like you were in the world that Nichole lives in. I also loved how the author made her story feel like a real life story. One thing that I didn't enjoy in this book was that it felt as though you were thrown into the story.

I had a problem at the beginning of them novel of actually getting into the story. Also when there were perspective changes in the novel it felt like the author was also changing her style of writing to suit the character better. Maybe she had done it one purpose?

But from that I found myself getting stuck at certain points of the novel. Those were the only issues I had with the story. I overall liked the idea of it. The story really showed you how quick everything could change not just with your family, but in your life as well. For better or for worse. And it really got me thinking how precious life is. And how we should just take it day by day. Nov 02, Kelly Gunderman rated it liked it. Check out this and other reviews on my blog, Here's to Happy Endings!

I had a bit of a hard time with this book. It isn't that I didn't like it, because I did. But when it comes down to it, I think the problem I had with this book was that nothing really happened Nicole has spent her life under her father's strict ideas that the family must always be prepared for any kind of natural disaster that might strike. Be it fire, floods, the end of the world.. Be it fire, floods, the end of the world While Nicole tries to follow in her father's footsteps and learns to hunt and take care of herself, her little sister, Isabel hates their lifestyle and just wants to be normal, like any other teenager.

Their mother prefers actually having normal things So when the four of them move into a house in the middle of nowhere that needs more repairs than it might even be worth, their mother puts their foot down and decides that she can't handle it, and she leaves. When it's our family, and not civilization itself, that falls apart? That's right - he leaves two teenage girls alone in a house that is falling down and has broken water pipes I mean, I'm not an expert or anything I get that he wants to find his wife, but leaving two young girls out in the middle of nowhere in pretty much a shack, alone, for weeks I just can't see any decent parent thinking this is a good idea He is building a treehouse on Nicole's family's property when they move in, and he's hoping that her parents won't find it and make him tear it down.

I found myself enjoying Wolf's character This book was a quick read Most of the characters in this book just seemed distant and simple I found this odd, because after reading Jamie Kain's novel, The Good Sister, I was expecting more in terms of character development. All in all, this is a nice book to curl up with on a cold, snowy day Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Nov 29, Audrey rated it liked it. I was really interested to pick up this book.

I thought it was a really unique premise. However, I had a really, really hard time connecting with the characters in this book. There were also many elements in this book that I wish had been explored more. I wanted to hear them yell at each other and work out all these issues that came up. The middle seemed like there was so much build-up, and then it ended.

Also, the setting of this story is a very unique town for many reasons, but the reasons behind the creation of this peace-focused village were never really explored, and the often-mentioned leader of it was never formally introduced or explained. It made it hard to be completely sure of what was going on and what was going to be relevant. Okay, but why? Wolf was certainly an interesting character, though.

Most of my dislikes were personal thing: just not clicking with the characters and wanting more of things that really interested me. If this book sounds interesting to you, maybe you should pick it up! Sep 16, Jantine rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , free-for-review. I don't seem as put-off with this book as a lot of others here on Goodreads, and I'm pretty glad about it.

I think the story is an interesting one, and the characters and writing have a great potential. It would have been better without so many POV-switched. At least once the writer mixed up names as well, which didn't make it better for my confused head - but, to be honest, my starting this book the day after a part of my appartment building was on fire at night, so I hardly slept, won't have be I don't seem as put-off with this book as a lot of others here on Goodreads, and I'm pretty glad about it.

At least once the writer mixed up names as well, which didn't make it better for my confused head - but, to be honest, my starting this book the day after a part of my appartment building was on fire at night, so I hardly slept, won't have been good for my keeping track of the different stories either, and I still liked the story, so I don't let my confusion have too much weight ;- The different stories could've been fleshed out much more.

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I wouldn't have minded more books f. It would've been great if this had been worked out more. I received a free copy through Netglley in return for an honest review. Aug 22, Holly Brumback rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. I wanted to know why their mom bothered to travel all the way to this new house off the grid only to leave. I wanted to know if their dad was going to come back. But there were a lot of other things in the book that just seemed too coincidental for it to be believable. There were a lot of issues packed into a short book that just lingered or were ignored or brushed over.

It was definitely an interesting read; I just wish there was more depth to it. Aug 24, Rachel Stansel rated it it was ok.

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A story about growing up and discovering who you are. The story centers around Nicole and Izzy Reed. The Reeds are preppers and move to a remote home, which proves too much. Their mom leaves in the middle of the night with no word to them. Their dad then leaves to go find her. The girls are left to fend for themselves. They meet other teens from a neighboring commune and typical love story ensues. As a general premise, I liked the story. Then three more follow. Wen runs into the house, calls for Eric and Andrew, who assess the situation and barricade the door.

The strangers knock. And knock. I had to put the book down. It was later than I'd intended to stay up, my partner was asleep and begging for the light to be turned off, and my heart had walked directly out of my throat and into the middle of the busy road next to my apartment building. For the first time since I watched The Cabin in the Woods sensing a cabin theme, here? Yet I was completely incapable of not finishing the story. Once I picked The Cabin at the End of the World back up the next morning, time started moving faster.

I'd read it in gulps and spurts, subway rides and lunch breaks and, yes, before sleep was meant to happen, not that it did on those nights. The four home invaders announce themselves as disciples of a god who comes to them in visions, instructing them to find Eric and Andrew and Wen, the only people, they say, capable of stopping an impending apocalypse.

But it's not a plodding end-of-days story in the typical sense. Unnecessary backstory in the middle of the action, details that did nothing to drive the story or develop the characters, and an ending that left a lot to be desired. There were many times that the author started to draw these beautiful connections to biblical or historical events and dropped them before finishing the tie in.

I wanted to like this book, but I think the author might work better in conjunction with someone who can clear up his ideas and cut out the fluff. I had never read a book by this author before; I was anxious to read this one given the laudatory reviews. But I was not pleased by the narrative in any way. It was sluggish and had a bit too much telling rather than showing. And really the novel just plowed along with very little development and no surprises.

I really wanted to throw this book across the room when I was done. I read this in one go. In some ways, this novel's negative reviews seem to be about thwarted expectations, which is one of the very things I enjoyed about it. It's a mysterious, trope-defying work that is, ultimately, as life-affirming as it is horrifying. A few reviewers have said it has no ending.

The War of the Worlds (novel) | War Of The Worlds Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I could not disagree more. I found the ending both surprising and profound, and, believe it or not, I enjoyed this book a hell of a lot more than I did The Road. I am tired of the apocalypse, zombie trend, but this is a Paul Tremblay boom. Never lets up! The characters, both protagonists and antagonists, are written as humans, not prototypical heroes, antiheroes. I had sympathy and empathy for all the characters.

But so I don't give anything away I cried while reading this book. Bravo to Tremblay and can't wait to read his next masterpiece. See all reviews.

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