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My mom was the most phenomenal woman in my life. The stars grew a little dimmer and my life a lot emptier when she passed away. I would say my sister: She is a hard-working single mom of two who has done a fantastic job of raising her two children. A great role model. Both survived multiple battles with cancer and mammaw lived to be 89 and granny just died last year at ! My mom and Miss Betty are the phenomenal women in my life. I enjoy every conversation I have with them and they make me laugh like crazy. I love them dearly!

My mother was a phenomenal woman; she had eight children, helped my Dad start his business and always was there for us.


I miss her every day. I love watching my sisters be there for their children the same way. My mom and sisters are all phenomenal women. They all help others in some way.

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My mom at 80 is still doing for others, my oldest sister is an educator and devotes a lot of her time to educating children and making sure they get the most out of their education, and my younger sister because she dedicates much of her time to her church, pregnant mothers who have very little, and has visited other countries and has done missionary work. They are all wonderful, phenomenal women. My mom and my grandmothers always were. Even though my grandmothers have passed, they were still phenomenal women! My mom is a phenomenal woman. She is a cancer survivor and always stays optimistic and has always been there for me and her grandchildren.

My sister! She shows me how to love my family, juggle part-time work and still have a healthy, happy life. My mother is one of the most phenomenal women in my life. I can always trust her to give sound advice and to listen to me. Sadly, we lost her three years ago. My mom has always led by example. As children, we would sometimes resent her involvement in the lives of others she never neglected us in any way but now we all cherish the example she exhibited.

My Mom is the most phenomenal woman not only did she raise the four of us but she also took it the mentally handicapped as well! I love her. I am so lucky to have many phenomenal women in my life including my mom, my sister, both grandmothers and my four aunts! Another phenomenal woman in my life is my birthmother.

I was adopted and never met my birthmother, but I thank her for allowing me to live such a wonderful life with my adopted mother, father and sisters. JenniferAnne74 aol. My 96 year old Aunt is the amazing woman in my life. She was a head nurse during WWII. My Mother is a phenomenal woman in my life who has always set a great example for me to follow. Some of the phenomenal women in my life are my sisters.

I have three sisters and we all spend time together every week and help support each other and help each other through those hard times. She is a cancer survivor and always has a remains optimistic and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Our family dentist was a phenomenal woman. She bravely fought breast cancer and continued to treat patients. Unfortunately she lost her battle a few years ago. We think of her everyday. My mother who taught me kindness — be kind to others, is the phenomenal woman in my life. She teaches me never give up and be grateful for what we have.

Very fortunate to have her in my life. Some of the phenomenal women in my life are my sister who spent her whole career helping children with disabilities.

She volunteers to run with young girls, instilling confidence in them and getting them healthier. She has stuck by my side even during the darkest parts of my life. She is so selfless and caring and deserves to be recognized!! LOVE this post and all the positive and encouraging messages. Such a great tribute to your mom! Wow — what a wonderful tribute to your mother! And a shout out and thank you from me for all her years of being a special ed teacher.

Thanks Deanna for your kind words! Such a sweet post, Chelsey. This article was sponsored by Walmart. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and mamas.

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When photographer Felicia Saunders uploaded a portrait of three mothers feeding their babies, she could not have imagined the impact she was making. There are so many beautiful photos of breastfeeding online, but Saunders wanted to create something that shows at all types of infant feeding are beautiful and that even when mothers feed their babies differently, they still have so much in common.

In the weeks since posting the photo, not a day has gone by without Saunders receiving emails or messages from mothers who can relate to the story she was trying to tell through this image. We could not agree more. All parents need to be supported in early parenthood, no matter how they are feeding their babies. The pressure to exclusively breastfeed can be harmful to a mother's mental health , and no one should feel guilty about feeding their baby formula.

A mother feeding her baby is a beautiful thing, whether it's by breast, bottle or a medical intervention. These photos prove it. All images courtesy Felicia Saunders Photography. For Saunders, it was important to show a spectrum of infant-feeding experiences. One of the babies in Saunders' now-viral photo series doesn't eat from a breast or a bottle, but from a tube. It's clear her work is making a difference to moms who see themselves in these photos.

The entire experience has been very humbling that I created this it's still surreal to think about the true vastness of its impact," she explains. For many moms who were not able to breastfeed, breastfeeding week and month were tough times to be on social media. That's why Saunders wanted to showcase this beautiful image of bottle-feeding on a week when breastfeeding photos were dominating our feeds. Breastfeeding isn't for everyone. Other forms of infant feeding are beautiful, too, but Saunders recognizes how important it still is to advocate for breastfeeding.

Even in , many mothers feel like they need to hide when breastfeeding and a surprising number of people don't believe mothers should breastfeed in public. Whether you're breastfeeding or feeding your baby with a bottle or tube, know that you don't have to hide, mama.

What you are doing is beautiful and these photos prove it. We're almost through September and there have been so many interesting stories in the news this week. Baby Archie and his royal parents are visiting South Africa, new breast pump improvements have mamas celebrating, and doctors are talking about the extreme pressure moms are under when it comes to breastfeeding. We've heard of engagement shoots, maternity shoots, newborn shoots That is, until now. Two moms recently decided to commemorate their long friendship with a series of adorable photos, and the Internet is loving it.

Samantha Clark and Christina Arthur have been best friends for 23 years, and when they hit their friendship anniversary this year, they decided to celebrate by posing for professionally-shot photos. These images capture both their personalities and friendship so perfectly! These women have been friends since they were 7 years old and have been together through so many major life moments, from the teen years to their weddings and subsequent divorces, to the births of their children. But while Samantha and Christina have definitely seen each other through their most serious moments, this photoshoot is pure lighthearted fun.

They even shotgunned beers and ate chicken wings on camera—and if that isn't friendshipgoals , we don't know what is. Through thick and thin, we have been able to count on each other. Even if we went weeks without talking or seeing each other, we always picked up right where we left off," Christina wrote of the friendship in a post published on Love What Matters. Ride or die. Partners in crime. Soul sisters! We couldn't love this more.

Not only are the photos so cute and fun, they also represent something really powerful. It's easy for us to get caught up in our own lives, especially after we become mothers— but our friendships are so important. This is an important reminder that we should treasure and celebrate those bonds The photography business that captured the images, Easy Breezy Photography, is totally starting a trend with the BFF themed photos!

Another BFF shoot in Target proves this photographer just gets mamas. As Good Morning America reports, a mom who earned her doctorate in higher education from Maryville University near St. Louis, Missouri is going viral this week for the sweetest reason. After 30 stressful minutes defending her dissertation, Candace Hall saw her three waiting kids cheering for her. The mom of three works full-time as an academic program coordinator at Washington University in St. Louis and goes to grad school at night.

Her best friend her kids' godmother taught them the dance and helped them make the signs to congratulate their mom on her big day.

Mom, you were (and are) the most magnificent mom I could have asked for - Motherly

Hall told GMA people often told her she was crazy for trying to raise three kids, work full-time and get her doctorate, and that's why this day meant so much to her. She's grateful for the support of her BFF, her husband and her kids. I know people say that all the time to kids growing up, but I hope that I've demonstrated that," she said. Four-year-old Maren Anderson happens to use a wheelchair.

What she doesn't happen upon often is representation of other people using wheelchairs. That's why when Maren saw an ad on a Ulta store last month featuring model Steph Aiello, she literally stopped in her tracks, says her mom Carolyn Anderson. Carolyn took a picture of the moment and posted it to Facebook, where it went viral.

She captioned it: "Well Ulta, you absolutely stopped my girl in her tracks this evening. It was mesmerizing to watch her stop, turn and gaze at this poster. So thank you. That was a month ago, and this week, as NBC Washington reports , Maren got to meet the model she could relate to. Maren and Aiello hung out at Ulta and picked out nail polish together. For Aiello, the experience proves that what she's doing matters.

This isn't just about modeling products, it's about modeling diversity and letting kids see themselves reflected in the world around them. While this is one example of one type of relationship, we understand, appreciate and celebrate that relationships come in all forms and configurations. When we met I thought I had found love so raw, so deep, and so genuine that I would never fall in love again. I was wrong. When you cried the first time you met our firstborn and cut his umbilical cord, I fell in love again.

When I was covered in milk stains, pumping on one side and nursing on the other, unshowered and in the same pants I had worn all week and you told me I was beautiful, I fell in love again. When there was no heartbeat on the ultrasound, and you knew that no words could take the pain away so you just hugged me tight, I fell in love again.

When I woke up and noticed your side of the bed still made and I found you downstairs making the best Easter Egg Hunt ever, I fell in love again. When I forgot about my contractions because you had me laughing so hard in the delivery room with our second-born, I fell in love again. When you wouldn't leave my side when our youngest was in distress and prayed for both of us and asked the doctors a million questions, I fell in love again. When you taught our boys that chivalry matters and that you should still hold the door for people even if they can open the door themselves, I fell in love again.

When you worked 30 hours of overtime in two weeks so that we could afford a family vacation, I fell in love again. When the roller coaster three times even though you have motion sickness because it made the boys happy, I fell in love again. When I find another wrinkle or another grey hair and you tell me I get prettier with age, I fall in love again.

Some say love is blind. I disagree.

Richard Marx - Thanks To You - In Honor of Mother's Day

To know true love is to go in eyes wide open and see each other wholly and completely with love and acceptance. Encouragement and patience. True love is what happens when we are at our worst and helps us see the light. I get to that every day. Again and again. The other night I was putting my daughter to bed. She is approaching 8 months old and, unfortunately for us, is not the best sleeper.

In these short eight months, I have clocked more hours than I can count sitting with her in the rocker in her nursery. Sometimes she is fussing and requires my attention , but she is often simply asleep in my arms. During this time, I am habitually on my phone.

Updating social media, checking comments on my blog, basic online shopping. Things that are fairly easy to do with a cell phone in one hand and a baby in the other. One night the two of us were in this same position as we have been countless times before. I looked at my daughter, who I thought was asleep, and with the glare of my cell phone, I could see her staring wide-eyed at me. As soon as our eyes locked, she smiled. That sweet, still toothless smile that melts your heart in an instant.

At that moment, I made a vow.

35 Thank You Mom Messages That Every Mom Will Love

I vowed to put down the phone, shut the outside world out just for a few minutes and be there with my daughter. They say the days are long, but the years are short. No statement has held more truth to me as a mother than this one. As a mom and part-time stay at home mom, I often feel as though I'm falling behind with everything. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get done the laundry list and the actual laundry that I always have to do.

Sweet Love Messages For Mom

I try to keep the house clean and respond to work emails in a timely manner. On the days I work, it is easier to focus on the tasks at hand, but when I am home, I am also caring for two small children. And as most moms know, multitasking is often what gets us through our days. But as I am thinking about this concept of being present, I am also thinking about what multitasking has taken away from me:. Yes, I can get the dishes done while my daughter is in her highchair. But then I miss out on the chance to interact with her while she is trying new food.

Sure, I can check social media uninterrupted while my son is watching the latest episode of Paw Patrol. But then I don't get to take in the feeling of his head resting on my shoulder the way it only does when he is focused on the TV but still wants to be close to me. The moments we have with our children are fleeting.