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But I really should've known better than to doubt Lauren Oliver. In Pandemonium , Lena is having to survive in the Wilds with her new friends, is having to prove herself worthy to be in the resistance, and is having to forget the boy who made her rebel in the first place, infected her, Alex.

I know that in Delirium , a number of people didn't find Lena that "kick-ass" heroine that we all love in her defense, all those rules would scare me too, into rebelling. But in Pandemonium , I feel that she definitely redeemed herself. Now without all those regulations and boundaries, Lena was able to unleash her inner survivalist, which wasn't a very easy thing to do, after all that she's been through.

She even is deemed strong enough by her fellow rebels to be part of the resistance. I definitely saw more of Lena in action scenes and winning in this book than in the previous. So I definitely think of her as part of the "kick-ass heroine" club now. I also know that a lot of you didn't really like the fact that Lena is "allegedly" going to fall in love with someone other than Alex, and I'm sorry to tell you guys, but that fact is true. If that is enough for you to run away screaming from this book, by all means, do, but let me just tell you now, you are missing out on a hell of a lot of goodies if you do that.

I have to admit though, I did kind of dislike Lena's new love interest. It might be because he, for me, was a little naive or it could be plainly just because he wasn't Alex. Also, at times, I felt that their relationship was a little forced. The love interest, Julian, would say weird things like, "your hair smells like roses" or "your waist is so small" yes , that not only creeped Lena out, but creeped me out too. I don't know if it was just lack of being around females that made him act this way and trust me; I go to an all girls school and whenever a person of the opposite walks by, my beloved classmates throw themselves at him or what, but I was pretty skeptical of him at first.

After a while, though, and getting to know his character more, he grew on me, but of course, before it got more than that, the ending got in the way of everything as expressed in the mini review above. An aspect of the book I really enjoyed was Lena's life in the Wilds. In Delirium we didn't really get to experience the Wilds too much and that was something I was really looking forward to in this book.

As cool as I thought it would be, living in the Wilds, it ended up not being the "paradise" that I was expecting. It was actually pretty brutal out there, and with the addition of Scavengers Invalids that attack just for kicks it became even harder to survive out there. I quite liked all the new characters too, Raven, Tack, Hunter.

Loved them, and the fact that they gave birth to Lena in the woods, as Lena said about Raven in the book. Other than creepy Julian and the random add of Scavengers and the possible future love triangle as hinted in the ending of Pandemonium , I very, very much enjoyed this book, and you have no idea how much I'm craving for the next and final book. But I guess after that killer cliff-hanger, who wouldn't?

View all 18 comments. Nov 10, shady boots WatchPOSE rated it really liked it Shelves: covergasm , all-time-faves , i-just-have-a-lot-of-feelings , oh-my-god-marry-me , faves. Read a more coherent review of this book over at my blog. I warned you. For those of you who have read it, well, be Read a more coherent review of this book over at my blog.

For those of you who have read it, well, be my guest. I can't even, you guys. I just can't even. I was literally screaming like a maniac at the book. My mom even knocked on my door to check if I was okay. What the fucking fuck? Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuckaroonie. Okay well, now that I've calmed down a little I want to say this. Happy because, come on, it's Alex. But I'm horrified because of how he appeared in that last scene. What if he was brainwashed or something? What if they turned him into some kind of jackass?

Hell, what if they cured him? That scares me. I honestly never expected this to happen, because come on! In that last scene in the first book, there was no way he could've survived! What do you guys think about all this? View all 52 comments. Mar 14, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction , young-adult , dystopia-or-apocalyptic. Sorry folks, there might be some spoiler-age for the outcome of book 1 the previous book in this review because I have a wee bit of an incoming rant ready to go and I don't think I can hold it back.

Don't get me wrong, I like Julian. I like him a lot. Julian is an interesting character. I liked his part of the story with Lena. With Alex, my heart was racing; I was freaking out over them getting caught; I was in overdrive.

Pandemonium (Delirium #2)

With Julian, I was thinking, "That's right, girl. You school this clueless mofo. Did I?

So here's a funny thing. Before reading Delirium , I wasn't completely sure how I was going to feel about another dystopia revolving around love choices. I was ready to start reading some "shit hitting the fan" books in this genre. Even with that, I still found Delirium entertaining. The "past" sections were just okay for me. Where this book really came together was in the "present," during the time Julian and Lena started leaning on one another.

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I'm not sure why I didn't mention this before, but is no one else thrown off by the fact that the "book of rules and power" for the government is called The Book of Shhh? I'm thinking librarians now. And our spokesperson would dress as Darth Vader. However, giving credit where credit is due, this isn't the sappiest story in the world for it being all about the lengths which people will go to for love.

Sure, there were bound to be a few swoon worthy moments although you can't get me to swoon over eyes that are an 'ocean of swirling color' - greens and golds and purples People were too busy trying to survive for there to be too much checking out the opposite sex. Oh wait, but there was this one moment that gave me HORRIFIC flashbacks : in the pallid gray light he seems to glow slightly, like a statue carved out of white rock.

He is beautiful. You wanna know a slightly embarrassing story about me? I did actually watch the Twilight movies. I know, I know, let me hide my shame in here. Anyway, there was the scene in New Moon where Edward was about to take off his clothing and walk into the sun and everyone in the theater was screaming, "E WWW Anyway, this wasn't a bad book 2.

The ending actually got me to let out a little scream-yip thing. Lena better not make me hate her in book 3. Do the right thing, Lena. Do the right thing. View all 90 comments. Mar 20, kari rated it it was ok Shelves: ya , A very very VERY begrudging two stars. I'd give it a one, but I reserve those for books I truly loathe and I just dislike this one.

I have grown tired of poorly created dystopian worlds that exist not to make us think, but only as a prop for I dare you. Yeah, we are there yet again. In the ubiquitous love triangle.

Delirium. Part II: Pandemonium. Raven and Lena

So manufactured and so terribly unneccessary and really, can these authors think of nothing else to add tension to a story or, I sho A very very VERY begrudging two stars. So manufactured and so terribly unneccessary and really, can these authors think of nothing else to add tension to a story or, I should say, to lengthen a story?

Again, too much of this book is wandering in the Wilds, in the cold, in the snow, and some of the things make no sense. They have no eating utensils. So they eat with their hands. They have plates, cooking pots, they even have metal traps for hunting but not a single spoon or fork. And so I am stuck on that. I think they could find some small tree branch, whittle a bowl shape at one end and you've got a spoon.

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Surely while they are sitting around in the evenings, someone could be creating some spoons. It just seemed stupid. And again, if you are creating this world, kindly explain it. WHY did the government decide love was a disease? How did this happen? To say, here is this world, but never explain anything about it, well, that feels like lazy writing. It feels like a child stamping their feet and declaring "because I said so" rather than crafting an intelligently thought-out society. Yes, outlawing love in general makes absolutley no sense and because of that, the author needs to sell it to me with everything she has that it does in some way make sense to the leaders of this world.

There are small things that I feel were put there to make you think there is some weird sexual obsession by the government, but that goes nowhere. Example page "I hurry to the metal detector and unload my bag, then stand with arms and legs splayed while a man sweeps impassively with the wand over my breasts and between my legs. She could have a weapon in her boot or up her sleeve or tucked in the back waistband of her pants, but as long as she doesn't shove it in her crotch or between her breasts, they'll never find it. What is so scary that they have to scan breasts and between the legs?

How about simply saying " What is the point of saying it that way? There is also this which bugged me enough that I went back to reference it. Description of Julian: "There is a long thin gash that runs from his eyebrow to his jaw Just bothered me. Oh, well. What I liked best about the first book is completely gone from this one. First, I really thought the chapter headings being reading from The Book of SHHH and others added a lot of understanding and entertainment to the first book.

None of that is in this one. Second, I applauded the fact that we didn't have a love triangle. Well, folks, I spoke too soon. As I've said, this entire book is nothing more than a set-up for the third book which is going to be all about the triangle. I also didn't care for the way the story is told in this one, with chapters titled Now and Then as the story goes back and forth between Lena's arrival in the Wilds and her life later in Brooklyn.

There wasn't any reason for this, particularly as the Then portion just ends without actually linking up with the Now. And most of the Then is just about how she learns to live in the Wilds and could have really been perhaps one chapter. Again, though, if you're going to write a trilogy instead of one decent book, you've got to fill those pages somehow. The new love feels nothing so much as contrived. Yes I know there will be other readers who will say how much they love Julian and isn't he wonderful.

But, in my opinion, the whole relationship feels forced. It's as if the author most of all wanted a new relationship can't have a triangle without a new guy, after all so she found a way to force Lena to spend time alone with a cute boy and let the longing glances begin. It feels false. Or perhaps her feelings for either of these guys are nothing special as this is the first straight boy she's been alone with since Alex. And speaking of Alex, Lena just moves on. Oh, yes, she is heartbroken and woebegone, but let's face it, she forgets him in a short minute. She knows that what she's been told, that those who violate the law, aren't always immediately executed.

She knows this is untrue by seeing it with her own eyes, not a rumor, not a maybe. She knows because her own mother was assumed dead, but was in fact locked up for ten years. But Lena just trips along in the forest with the notion that Alex, whom she loved and adored and who risked his life for her, is surely dead.

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She makes not even one single attempt to find out if he has somehow survived. How are you going to sell me on how much she loves him if she can't even be bothered to check and see if he's gone? And guess what? So, buckle your seat belts for love triangle 4,, Seriously disappointed. View all 60 comments.

Jun 14, Kat Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: oppressive-dystopian-regime , to-ya-or-not-to-ya. First of all, the world seemed A LOT more consistent. The world building was an improvement as well. Perhaps the biggest improvement was Lena herself. No more whiny, annoying, insecure little girl. This Lena has been through the fire, got burnt and is fighting to survive.

What I love is that Lena has grown, become capable, assertive, intelligent and shrewd. There were parts of thi Oh! Find a good author and stick with them. View all 23 comments.

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  5. Apr 30, Darlalala rated it really liked it Shelves: dystopia. EDIT: Finally. I was able to finish Pandemonium and oh. The moment all of us have been dreading for.. Ta da! Freaking love triangles. In the romance dept. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give away the name so just to be sure ; hide spoiler ] He didn't grow on me as much as Alex did. I still prefer Alex, since he's man enough to save Lena view spoiler [Unlike Julian who's the one who needs to be saved.

    She can't just forget that Pandemonium made me feel what I felt while reading Delirium. Okay I'm so excited! Can't wait!! Please Alex, don't die? I hope it's not with another man. They changed the blurb!! View all 40 comments. But the pressure eventually builds, and the explosion will always come. I was more interested in the plot in this book, I enjoyed the new characters from the Wilds and watching Lena overcome her demons and generally become much stronger.

    However I still had other issues. More instalove! Like good grief can this girl go nowhere without falling head over heels within the first "They have clamped their fists around a geyser to keep it from exploding. Like good grief can this girl go nowhere without falling head over heels within the first five minutes?! Despite her time in the Wilds, foraging for food, hiking from one homestead to another, as soon as Lena and Julian are kidnapped she basically becomes this weak girl. I understand that she should be weak due to lack of food, violence etc.

    I feel like this was only done so that Lena could lean on him and make him appear as the 'strong male' looking after her. Um, nope. The ending. What a joke, just rocking up at the end just for the sake of a shock cliff-hanger. They refer to the religions of "the old world" or the "before time" AKA religions that we know now. They supposedly have a new one for the post cure world, reliant on the Book of Sshh. I've said this before with other books, if you are going to make your own religion, then make it.

    Don't just borrow loads of shit from other religions and claim it's a new one. Might as well not bother. I liked the different movements fighting one another, from the freedom fighters to the DFA who are determined to force the cure onto everyone. I liked seeing how the world politics came into it. It was entertaining to watch Lena and Julian fight for their lives, and I wanted to see the outcome.

    I will read the final book, and there are a few other Lauren Oliver books I'd like to try, but I don't think this is a series I will feel the need to return to. Jul 10, Taschima rated it it was amazing. You can find more reviews BloodyBookaholic You know how sometimes authors get a little, am, lazy on the second book of the series? It never seems to live up to the hype? Ends up kind of sucking?

    I know all about it and somewhere along the way you have learned this too. Such a freaking revelation. Why aren't books more like this?! The thing that saved th You can find more reviews BloodyBookaholic You know how sometimes authors get a little, am, lazy on the second book of the series? The thing that saved this book from being a downer was this: the author didn't just write a straight tale where Lena gets to the wild and then keeps growing, keeps getting strong, blah blah same thing we have read about a hundred times.

    There is some of this in there for sure, but it's given to us in small doses, in between larger sections that are pack full of adventure and "edge of your seat" kind of moments. This is what made the book shine. Going between the past and the present is what saved the book from being pretty slow, and instead it makes it a book worthy of being Delirium's second book.

    Something I can add to this is that Delirium while it focuses on love, your first love to be specific, I thought Pandemonium focused a little bit more on hate, anger and healing. It certainly showed us a new side to Lena that we never saw before. The combination of her new life and losing Alex has made her get in touch with emotions that would have been closed up to her before, and it is very interesting to see how she manages navigates through her new life. I couldn't leave without a note on the new male interest.

    He is, something else. He is not going away any time soon, and sure you might hate him at first, but believe he is going to grow on you so much. Plus those sexy scenes between him and Lena certainly helped. I swear my breath literally caught on some passages. I felt like I was there, and it was happening to me. I think that anything more that I say will be too much, a revelation. I don't wanna spoil this story for you because it's a fantastic story. So just know this. If the book sucked, I would tell you flat out why, but it doesn't.

    It's pretty freaking amazing, and I can't believe I have to wait till to read the sequel. This is heart breaking, because the book is left on a HUGE cliff hanger that made you want to pull out your hair. I squealed. I really did, people looked at me weird, I kept doing this sort of crazy giggle. You had to be there. Old Update: The cover is here! Isn't it beautiful? I have to read Delirium That's it, after Undercurrent I am reading Delirium and getting up to date with this fantastic series. I love the orange color, it also goes with the new cover.

    Updated: July 19, Okay, I just finished Delirium, and Im sorry but I can't wait till freaking for this book?! It's insanity! She is falling in love again? I, I just View all 33 comments. Jun 23, Angel rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , ya , dystopian , release , harper-collins. Review to come when I can actually see through my frustrated tears. You can find this review and many more at Mermaid Vision Books!

    Those who are looking for familiar footholds in Lena's world will find themselves lost--the entire mood has shifted. Lauren Oliver opens Pandemonium likening Lena's difficult journey through the Wilds to rebirth and a new life. Oliver and my fellow fans like to call it more like an ode to grief. It didn't seem real, and Oliver doesn't expect readers to forget that loss. The Lena we follow in this book is war-torn and beaten to within an inch of her soul, and yet she is expected to pull herself together and continue to live.

    I think it is easy to forget that the characters in books like these are only seventeen, eighteen, barely old enough to move out, let alone fight in a revolution. And yet it is that indomitable quality, that spark of bravery that we admire so much in them. Pandemonium forced me to consider whether I could be that brave, if I could lose everything dear to me--my friends, my family, the boy I love--and still be willing to fight for the rest of the world.

    And where in the world could Lena find hope after what she's gone through? While I can't say much without spoiling much of the book, suffice to say that I was a whirlwind of emotion throughout much of the novel. After all that's happened, I find myself extremely invested in Lena, because I trust her to know the right thing to do.

    She alone still sees love as love, and not a weapon or a disease or an inconvenience. Basically, you'll need tissues for most of the novel. The description of the Wilds is breathtaking, despite its physical ugliness. View all 10 comments. May 25, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: signed. This book takes place "now" and "then". This confused the heck out of me for the first couple chapters probably because I didn't pay attention to the chapter's titles I was just so excited to get reading.

    We get to see every heartbreaking struggle as she found a new place to stay and met new people. She isn't sure whether she wants to live or die but she wants to be strong for Alex. She tries to imagine him and that she is getting stronger for him. Her thoughts of Alex continued to bring tears to my eyes throughout these scenes as well as all the hard struggles of life in the wilds. It is definitely not easy living free.

    Lena has joined the resistance, has a fake identity and is living among the cured.


    People are more aware of the invalids and deliria now and want to give the cure at a younger age. They want to risk people dying from receiving the cure in order to lessen the chances of infecting the world. Although some are against this and don't want to risk death so the rallys get a bit crazy. Lena is told to keep watch on the son of the head of the movement, Julian Fineman. Product Information. Stress-Free Returns. Go to full returns information.

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    Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In this electrifying follow-up to Delirium , Lena is on a dangerous course that takes her through the unregulated Wilds and into the heart of a growing resistance movement. This riveting, brilliant novel crackles with the fire of fierce defiance, romance, and the sparks of a revolution about to ignite.

    Lena's gradual awakening is set against a convincing backdrop of totalitarian horror. The abrupt ending leaves enough unanswered questions to set breathless readers up for volume two of this trilogy. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.