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However, I'll also provide some time to begin working with your own data. If you do not have data to work with, don't worry. I have a few public data sets from kelp forests in Santa Barbara and fouling communities in Bodega Bay. There are also some good sets in the nceas data catalog.

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

However, I highly encourage you to bring your own data as you'll get a much deeper understanding working with SEM if you know the data. You're also welcome to share data sets with each other - who knows, someone may figure out that problem you've been hitting your head on for the past few months! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

An Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Course Description Many problems in ecology and evolutionary biology require understanding of the relationships among variables and examining their relative influences and responses. How can it be part of your research program? In Handbook of Structural Equation Modeling.

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  • Hoyle, ed. Climate driven increases in storm frequency simplify kelp forest food webs. Global Change Biology, Journal of Wildlife Management, [ pdf ] Grace J. Ecological Monographs, 80, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, 86, The relationship between species density and community biomass in grazed and ungrazed coastal meadows.


    Bayesian Basics This serves as a conceptual introduction to Bayesian modeling with examples using R and Stan. Generalized Additive Models An introduction to generalized additive models with an emphasis on generalization from familiar linear models and using the mgcv package in R. Mixed Models with R This workshop focuses on mixed effects models using R , covering basic random effects models random intercepts and slopes as well as extensions into generalized mixed models and discussion of realms beyond.

    Structural Equation Modeling This document and related workshop focuses on structural equation modeling. It is conceptually based, and tries to generalize beyond the standard SEM treatment.

    The initial workshop was given to an audience of varying background and statistical skill, but the document should be useful to anyone interested in the techniques covered. It is completely R-based, with special emphasis on the lavaan package.

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    It will continue to be a work in progress, particularly the sections after the SEM chapter. Introduction to Machine Learning A gentle introduction to machine learning concepts with some application in R. Data Modeling in R This document demonstrates a wide array of statistical and other models in R. Generic code is provided for standard regression , mixed , additive , survival , and latent variable models, principal components , factor analysis , SEM , cluster analysis , time series , spatial models , zero-altered models , text analysis , Bayesian analysis , machine learning and more.

    Structural Equation Models

    The document is designed for newcomers to R, whether in a statistical sense or just a programming one. You can use the CALIS procedure for analysis of covariance structures, fitting systems of linear structural equations, and path analysis. These terms are more or less interchangeable, but they emphasize different aspects of the analysis. The analysis of covariance structures refers to the formulation of a model for the variances and covariances among a set of variables and the fitting of the model to an observed covariance matrix.