Dont Play in the Street: Unless You Know Which Direction Your Stock Is Traveling

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For instance a comparison of the quarter ended March with the quarter ended December This is also known as sequential comparison. However, YoY is the comparison of the quarter with the corresponding quarter a year ago such as comparison of the quarter ended December with the corresponding quarter ended December Sample income statement Click here to Enlarge R Murali Krishnan, head'institutional broking, Karvy Stock Broking says, "YoY is used to measure the direction and consistency in performance. QoQ reflects the near-term pressures on the company and gives an indication on it abilities to achieve its long term projections as estimated by the consensus in the YoY.

Sectors like FMCG, retail, cement, auto and infrastructure can be analysed on a year-on-year basis. Similarly, growth in sectors like technology and telecom should be compared on a sequential basis.

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During the same quarter, net profit of Sterlite Technologies dipped However, the share price of SCI declined barely 1. As you will see, share prices in the above three cases reacted differently to the sudden fall in profits.

Top 40 Buffett-isms: Inspiration To Become A Better Investor

Hence, there is no standard yardstick to gauge the impact of such a fall. Safety tips during market volatility 2. Defensive stocks help in times of volatility 3. Best mid-cap stocks to hold on to 4. How to read quarterly results 5. Best stocks to invest in A chance of a stock declining after a net loss or vice versa depends on the anticipation of investors and how the results have matched their expectations. If investors believe that it is a short-term phenomena, markets ignore the sudden drop in profit or revenue.

It is all a function of street expectations. If the street is expecting a loss and actual loss is lower than expected, then the stock price can actually move up," Sanjeev Zarbade of Kotak Securities added. Sometimes, long-term investors take advantage of short-term negative sentiments by taking long positions causing a fall in the price of a share. However, if the long-term outlook is bad for the company, then both short and long-term investors should move out. Our advice is that generally you shouldn't unless you are certain about the direction that the company's business is taking.

There are many other factors such as the business environment, plans and the fundamentals of the companies that one should take into the account while buying or selling. DD Sharma, senior vice president-research, Anand Rathi says, "Do not take buy or sell decision on the basis of quarterly results only.

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