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Various writers has influenced my writing style and I enjoy it because it opens me up to new ways of writing.

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It has helped develop my style and new story ideas. Stephen King advises we start of with words. Set a daily word limit for yourself and try to reach it. I made this mistake and it ended up being counterproductive to my writing. I had to take the ego shot and go back to basics by working my way up from a few hundred words. Writing more gets easier overtime but always have a daily word limit. Build yourself up to a daily writing limit you want to be at and try to achieve that every time you write.

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Even Stephen King tried to get at least words down everyday. More than anything, write everyday. After all, even words is better than nothing. Before you can write any substantially good prose, you have to write honestly. This is on par with writing what you know.

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If you write what you know, you can write honestly. Of course, situations arise when you have to do research but when it comes to fiction, avoid too much research and write from the heart.

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Avoid more than one day away from writing. Stephen King writes everyday of the week because it helps him keep his characters fresh in his mind and the story intact before he forgets or becomes disinterested in it. Writing everyday helps build a habit of consistent writing. When working on a story, write even more often. Adverbs weaken your prose. Adverbs are words that end with -ly, such as menacingly and firmly.

And if the advice is coming from Stephen King, it must be backed by truth. Rewriting and editing can be a drag but it comes through. It helps us polish our writing and get rid of all of the unnecessary words. It took me awhile to come around to editing, more than anything with my poetry. Of course, editing is always needed and can improve your work tremendously. I would argue some of my best work has come from extensive editing and rewriting.

Good writing requires detail. Detail helps push the story along. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

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