Advances in Lie Superalgebras

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Kac, Characters of typical representations of classical Lie superalgebras, Commun. MR [Ka3] V.

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  • Bott-Borel-Weil theory, BGG reciprocity and twisting functors for Lie superalgebras - INSPIRE-HEP.
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MR 98f [Sg1] A. Sergeev, Tensor algebra of the identity representation as a module over the Lie superalgebras and , Math. USSR Sbornik 51 , The focus of this workshop was on recent developments in all of these areas with particular emphasis on connections with other branches of mathematics, such as algebraic groups and Galois cohomology. We feel that the meeting was exciting and highly successful. The quality of the lectures, several of which surveyed recent developments, was outstanding. The exceptional atmosphere of the Oberwolfach Institute provided an optimal environment for bringing people working in algebraically, geometrically or analytically oriented areas of infinite-dimensional Lie theory together, and to create an atmosphere of scientific interaction and cross-fertilization.

Without going too much into detail, let us mention some important new developments that were showcased during the workshop.

Supercharacters of queer Lie superalgebras

Advances in Applied Mathematics , 24 4 , In: Advances in Applied Mathematics , Vol. Gottlieb E , Galloway ML.

Advances in Applied Mathematics. Gottlieb, Eric ; Galloway, Michelle L.